Unilateral Tinnitus Is Spreading to Another Ear and Getting Worse Despite Various Treatments

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      Possibly from problems with blood flow
      Hello everyone,

      I don't want to sound overly dramatic, but I'm in total despair. I really need your help. I BEG YOU FOR ANY HELP!
      I recently has developed symptoms of tinnitus and doctors can't pinpoint the exact reason. I feel like I'm losing precious window of time for the treatment.
      At this point it has destroyed my life. In the begging I was positive and was managing it well, but after recent spike due to MRI/panic attack/stress it has increased in volume dramatically and started ringing/hissing in my previously unaffected ear. I can hear it over pretty much everything you can find indoors and it's louder than air conditioning (~55 db). The only place that blocks my noise is loud shop or traffic outside. I know it's not the worst case, but it broke me completely. Within 1 week after the spike I have developed full blown psychosis. I think of suicide every day. I'm being monitored 24/7 by my parents so that I don't do anything bad to myself.

      Time line:
      Within few days from birth:
      Brain bleeding in my right half of brain. Got treatment quickly, but had vascular problems throughout my life.
      10-15 years ago: I had ~2 cases otitis and a sinus infection almost every year, because of the broken nose in childhood.
      Summer of 2015: I had a severe case of mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr virus) that almost killed me and left me with chronic strep throat. I often get flare ups to this day. It's likely a nest of infection near my ears.
      Autumn of 2016: I have been diagnosed with mild neck osteochondrosis and spasms in my neck and head veins.
      March of 2018: I started playing PUBG for 2-3 hours a day using my headphones on fairly high volume. I've played other games before with the same settings without any issues. (more on that later)
      Summer of 2018: maybe I was hearing something in complete silence, but I don't remember anything like that. Hard to tell, because the windows were always open. I live near one of the main city roads, so it's always loud outside. I have been around a power tool which I measured at around 80-90 db for ~10-15 minutes. I remember getting "full" ears after that and maybe some muffled hearing. I panicked, but it went away within one hour and I didn't experience any problems later.
      August of 2018: I had an urinary tract infection. My bladder, prostate and kidneys were affected. It was pretty bad. I was in the hospital for 5 days and was getting Ciprofloxacin or something very similar which may be ototoxic.
      September of 2018: I think I have started noticing some symptoms of noise in my head, but again, because of the constant noise around me I couldn't tell.
      October of 2018: A the start of the month I have definitely noticed high pitched tone noise in my head, mainly (80%) on my left side and very quiet general hum. Come October 10 and I had a huge spike without any apparent reason and I felt like my head was screaming from inside. October 11 I went to neurologist and audiologist and had multiple tests done. They found severe spasms in the veins of my neck and head. My audiogram showed mild hearing loss by air (6000-8000 hz) (through the headphone) in my left ear. Hearing through the bone was fine. Acoustic impedancemetry showed bad response in both of my ears, but mainly in my left ear. (Another doctor found out about this almost a month later. First doctor missed it.)
      I immediately started treating my vascular problems with Cerebrolysin 2 ml and Emoxypine (Mexidol) 2 ml intramuscular injections.
      I was experiencing high bpm pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear (like a sub woofer on a dance floor), feeling like my ears were physically moving if I put them close to my pillow and tone that felt like it was spreading within my left side of the head. Maybe I had a general hum in my head, but the tone in my left side of the head was so loud that it was overpowering everything else.
      After 10 days of treatment my tinnitus somewhat subsided to a tolerable level, but didn't go away so I was ordered to do a brain MRI in fears or high intracranial blood pressure or a tumor. I had been experiencing a bad case of fatigue and black pulsating dots in my eyes for the last 1.5 years so reasoning to get the MRI was solid.
      November 2 2018 The evening after and MRI wearing 3M 1100 earplugs and -18 db muffs I had a severe spike of my tinnitus. I freaked out and got a 90 mg Predinisolone injection after ~23 hours. I had severe anxiety and multiple panic attacks after the injection and I felt like my tinnitus has increased even more.
      November 3 2018 My left ear was very loud and I noticed a hiss and a tone in my right ear. I did a new audiogram and it came out almost perfect with tiny hearing loss at 8000 hz.
      The audiologist/ENT noticed signs of scarring on my ear drums and pointed out a bad impedancemetry/typhanogram. She said that I have a eusatchuan tube otitis and ordered electrophoresis with Hyaluronidase (Lydase) to resolve issues with scarring.
      November 4 - November 9 2018 I had started new treatment. Intravenous Vinpocetine 10-20-30-30-20-10 mg and Citicoline (Ceraxon) 1000 mg + ginkgo biloba and vitamin E.
      In these several days the hiss in right ear became much stronger and easily noticeable in quiet environments and it developed a tone too. General noise (hum) in my head increased tenfold and is very overpowering. Pulsatile tinnitus is almost gone, but I hear two different tones in both ears, general hum inside my head (like from high blood pressure), loud hissing on the left side of my head and slight hissing on the right. I have started to get crazy spikes after taking a warm/hot shower, but I feel fine after being outside in traffic. It leads me to believe that at least some part of my tinnitus is related to vascular symptoms.

      My current treatment:

      Vinpocetine 30 mg
      Citicoline (Ceraxon) 1000 mg
      Emoxypine (Mexidol) 750 mg
      Cerebrolysin 10 ml 2152 mg

      Ginkgo biloba 80 mg
      Vitamin E - 200 mg
      Melatonin - 3 mg

      What I'm going to add within next days:
      Dexamethasone 4 mg every other day for a week
      Betahistine (Betaserc) - 48 mg for 2 months
      Aminophenylbutyric acid (Phenibut) - 500 mg
      Vitamins B3, B6, B9, B12
      Electrophoresis with Hyaluronidase (Lydase) applied to both ears for 10 days

      What I'm considering:
      LLLT intravenous therapy for 10 days.

      What doctors suggested, but I'm questioning safety of it:
      Pneumomassage of the tympanic membrane
      Intranasal steroid spray + blowing ears through the nose with some sort of a machine.

      Possible causes:

      Hereditary (my father has tinnitus since teenage ears without noise exposure)
      Chronic throat inflammation and frequent sinus infections
      Childhood cases of otitis and consequent scarring of eardrums
      Pinched nerves/blood vessels in my neck or upper body area
      Blood flow issues in the brain (hypoxia)
      High intracranial blood pressure
      Cumulative noise exposure (power tool incident + headphones + loud traffic every day)
      Ototoxicity from Ciprofloxacin
      Possible kidney damage, I heard it may cause tinnitus too.
      Possible vitamin B12 deficiency (I don't eat meat)
      Previous long term (~8 months) Phenibut usage in therapeutic dosages (250-500 mg a day)

      My headphones which I used are basic over the head gaming headphones from SteelSeries. I have used several apps on my phone to measure the sound level and it was around 85-87 db at max volume. Outside they are masked by traffic (80-85 db) unless I bring them directly to my ears.
      I have found a review of my model with a proper sound tester and reviewer has came up with similar numbers. You can see this review here:

      SteelSeries Siberia v2 Gaming Headset SPL dB test

      I also used them to only play video games. No music. And the game itself is 80% running around at 50-60 db and 5-10 seconds of shooting. So I doubt I got more than 20-30 minutes of loud sounds per day using headphones.
      I asked my friend who plays with me and he noticed that after playing for several hours straight he sometimes gets slight ringing and noise in his ears which resolves itself after sleep.
      I think at some point I played at around 80-100% volume (unknowingly), but I'm absolutely positive that from beginning of October the volume stayed at 60% which translated to ~70 db.
      I gave my friends and my relatives my headphones to try them at full volume and they said that they were reasonably loud, but nothing like a nightclub/concert or a power tool. They said that they get similar volume when using metro trains or motorcycle passes by. I honestly don't know how damaging they might be.

      My test results:

      My MRI results are good, without any issues

      My audiogram October 11

      My impendancemetry October 11

      My audiogram November 4

      Neck CT scan, Neck + Transcranial doppler ultrasound is in russian language, I can translate it if anyone asks, but it basically says that I have spasms that affecting blood outflow from my brain.

      Please, if anyone has information or can refer me to a good doctor or where I can get professional consultation about what I can do to start good treatment please share it. I'm very confused and I don't know what's happening to me. The doctors are basically trying to treat anything they can find even remotely bad (symptomatic treatment), basically spraying and praying, while I'm losing time every time them misdiagnose me. I recently discovered that they should have given me steroid treatment immediately after the first time I came to them. Second doctor said that I should try it any way, but I should have taken them right away.

      I want to get better. I really do. Please help with any information you can. I will really appreciate it.
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      Admittedly I didn’t read everything in detail, but here are some things that may help in general. Get a sound machine so you can play it when you are home or at night to sleep. Tinnitus retraining therapy with White Noise devices might be useful but it’s quite expensive. Alternately you can use earbuds to play mellow music or an ocean sound.

      Eliminate caffeine and other products that ramp up the nervous system .

      If you are feeling very stressed, tried rubbing sesame oil into your scalp. This is an Ayurvedic treatment that soothesthe nervous system .

      I use one and a half milligrams of Klonopin 10 mg of melatonin and 30 mg of Celexa at night. This seemed to help somewhat .

      I have gone from absolutely catastrophic tinnitus where I was thankful for the possibility of a suicide “cure” today’s where I can actually function normally. There are still days for the tinnitus is severe but nothing like the first six months .

      I also had hyperacusis but the white noise devices seem to eliminate that .

      I’m now trying bioflavonoids four perhaps a second or third time. Just decided to give it another try but I’m not sure if it did any good .

      Acupuncture does seem to at least sit with my nerves I make life easier. There are one or two times that after an acupuncture session this sound actually was reduced .

      I wish you the best of luck .

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      Very high frequency hearing loss in left ear.

      Your audiogram could suggest damage above 8KHz. Audiologists only measure the frequency range useful for human communication. Audiograms should cover to 16KHz to provide a full picture. In my case, my audiogram is normal to 8KHz, but my left ear dramatically drops above that. Another clue is to estimate the frequency of your tinnitus, since it is usually related to the frequencies that have the damage. Mine sound likes metallic crap between 10 -12 KHz.
      Doctors know nothing..... After 5 years living in this hell, my advice is to stay calm and relax. I have tried many things and nothing works. Zolpidiem helps sleeping, and Klonopin is reserved to the situations of extreme distress. Some sound therapy provides extremely temporary relief. At the end, it is just about you, the noise and the relationship created. Make the master you servant....

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