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      Okay so I started experiencing T just over 3 weeks ago now and like most of us I was extremely panicked and worried that's how I came across this site, I visited my GP two weeks ago and all he done was check my ear drums and told me to come back in two-three weeks if T was still present.

      My T first came out of the blue and was rather loud, it seemed to be centreal and/or both ears. It's now died down to a Loudness of 1-2 and around a level of 3 when there's 'silence' I genuinely can't pinpoint if the noise is now centreal or the left which is a little annoying but I've scheduled another appointment next week with my GP as requested. That's just a little info on my personal T.

      When my T first came I was very scared about the future, how I would cope and how it would change me. Well almost a month in to this constant high pitched noise all day everyday and I can honestly say that I don't really care about it anymore. You come to realise that T doesn't really possess the ability to stop you doing anything unless you let it, I still work, go to bars, restaurants, pubs and casinos with my friends and I still enjoy listening to music. I've found that loud noises so far haven't agrivated my T but it's important to remember everyone's T is different.

      How did I get to this stage of acceptance and happiness with T when I was a complete 'depressed' wreck the first week or two...?

      First of all perspective is key, I thought of everyone who had it a lot worse than we I.E people who are disabled from the neck down, they'd trade with us in a heart beat! Secondly amazing support from everyone on this site and a certain individual in particular who I shalnt name. Thirdly hope is important, the fact is your T can disappear as easily as it came so keep that thought in your head to get you through a day to day basis and eventually you get so used to the T you're not that concerned if it goes or not.

      I hope this thread gives someone at least a shred of comfort

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