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      Just some ideas, all of which I am trying -

      1. The most powerful elephant standing in the tinnitus room I know of is the Placebo Effect. This profound phenomena is extremely well-documented (though completely unexplained) by the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, and I believe that they manipulate it to get drugs approved. Dr. Joseph Murphy explains in his free book "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind", that the subconscious elephant is in total control of practically every cell in the body. People who participate in drug clinical trials and receive a sugar pill show a 65% positive response to the placebo sugar pill.
      Therefore I would suggest that tinnitus sufferers do some research on the placebo effect to gain confidence and belief in the effiacy of a placebo. Basically the conscious mind is an ant, riding on a very powerful elephant, the subconscious. While the ant has little power to directly affect and heal the body, the ant can (and in fact does every day) reprogram the powerful elephant to carry out healings of every kind all over the body.
      The placebo response is so powerful, that even when the placebo bottles are plainly marked "Placebo", patients who follow the instructions and take the placebo pills every day have a 50% response (instead of 65%). This result shows the importance of action in the healing process - i.e. "do something" to instruct the subconscious to get busy and heal the tinnitus. This could be as simple as relabeling an ordinary vitamin bottle "Tinnitus Pills" etc. You could also ask a friend to prepare the placebo bottle and hand it to you, saying, "This medicine will cure your tinnitus".
      The first step I think is to do your own research on the placebo effect and become a believer. Once you are a firm believer in the power of placebo, then design your own "clinical study" and take action.
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