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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Nick Adams, Jun 30, 2016.

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      Hi Folks

      I’m Nick

      Has anyone had T come and go literally every other day? I’m fine one day and the next It’s loud and strong. The next day it’s gone again. ENT hasn’t given me any real reasons or cause for my T. A lot of possibilities but nothing that lets me concentrate on what will keep it from getting worse. It started in March of 2016. I had the MRI and it didn’t see anything dangerous but showed I had an “Ongoing Sinus Infection” that I was given antibiotics for. Not sure if it actually cleared it. ENT isn’t sure if it’s the cause or not but I have had LOTS of sinus issues all my life. I’m very scared like most here. I try so hard to make it through the bad days and stay positive but it’s hard. I have a wonderful wife and 3 great kids and lately I feel like a half a husband/father to them. I’m not sure how much they can handle of this depression I feel.

      May be a stupid question but has anyone ever heard of Vision Being a cause of T? My eyes are in need of a new eye glass prescription that I have put off since January.

      Hey thank you for reading. Hoping a miracle is around the corner for all of us.
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      Hi Nick and a warm welcome to Tinnitus Talk.
      Tinnitus can come and go day to day and change sound and strength.
      It sure is a strange condition.
      A few members have eye problems but not sure if it's related..

      Sinus problems can cause tinnitus so a antihistamine might help it.

      I hope you are having talking therapy and medication for depression and I promise that will improve over time..lots of love glynis

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