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      One of the things that makes tinnitus worse for me is the constant chatter of the mind. Its easy to enter into a downward spiral of catastrophic thoughts.
      An antidote to this is to take a walk outside or even around your room.
      Repeat as you breathe in and out 'I am breathing in...I am breathing out.' Do this 5 times then as you breathe in just say 'in' and as you breathe out simply say 'out'. Do this 5 times. Thoughts will arise in your mind but do not follow them simply bring your mind gently back to the task in hand. Next as you breathe in say 'I breathe in deeply' and as you breathe out say 'I breathe out slowly'. Do this for 5 rounds of breathing then for the next 5 rounds simply say 'Deep' and then 'Slow'. Again don't follow any thoughts that arise just mentally say the words. Finally for the next 5 rounds on the inbreath say'I am aware of my body' Really be aware of everything going on in your body including the tinnitus. As you breathe out say 'I am at ease'. Really feel your body relax as ypu say it. Do this 5 times then for the next 5 rounds jus say 'Awareness....Ease' as you breathe in and out respectively. I find this Thich Nat Han based meditation very soothing and breaks the cycle of mental chatter for a while which is refreshjng. Good luck.

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