What can worsen my tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by LoneWolf, Feb 11, 2014.

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      I realized I had tinnitus when there was complete silence in my house. Before tinnitus I used to listen music with my jbl earbuds and steelseries soundcard for 3 to 5hrs and movie at high Vol. I visited my ENT specialist few days ago he told I have minor tinnitus and reduce the use of headphones 1/2 the time I used to i.e 7hrs to 3.5hrs and told me to eat GINKOCER tablet (Ginkgo biloba tablets) 2times a day for 15 days. Told me that my audiology test was normal nothing to worry about:
      I asked him about my Ear Pain during swimming when I go deep inside water he told me to wear ear plugs.
      I am going for swimming from past 5 months usually never used ear plugs during swimming but I used them today for sometime my ears did not pain but I kept hearing tinnitus sound that I only hear during silence.

      Listening to loud music and going to swimming without wearing ear plugs are the cause to my tinnitus??

      If I continue my swimming classes wearing ear plug (because of which I hear tinnitus ringing) or not wearing them and listening to music for few hrs at low vol worsen my tinnitus??
      Any help/tips to keep my minor tinnitus in low level would be highly appreciated.
      Thank You.
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      For your age, your hearing isn"t really pristine... stop your damaging your ears now, stop the earbuds and use open speakers at low/moderate volume.

      i'm almost double your age and my hearing is a lot better than yours....
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      Im no expert on hearing loss, but I advise you to visit someone else about the hearing test and ask them for a second opinion. Yes you can still listen to your MP3 but keep it on low volumes. The rule is that yu can listen to for 60 min maximum if it is on 60% volume.3,5 hrs is clearly too much. Also, keep wearing plugs while swimming (it makes it seem louder because the noise is coming from your head).

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