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      I have a low pitch ring, or possibly a "whoosh" sound
      • Only in left ear
      • Never had a history of vertigo
      • It's not too loud, only audible when there is little background noise
      • I have had a history of large earwax build-ups, however, my ears are probably clean now after using peroxide and high-pressure water and the ringing still remains
      • It doesn't change when I move, such as standing up, laying down, popping my ears
      • I am commonly in loud places, playing with a band and the like, but I'm always careful to not let it get too loud and I often wear ear protection
      • I always listen to music at low volumes
      • I first noticed it after I was playing piano, but that was unlikely the cause because I was playing the piano softly
      • I attempted to use a stethoscope to check if it's objective tinnitus and I couldn't tell
      • I probably have some hearing loss but not much
      • The sound doesn't "pump" or "fade" it's pretty constant unless covered by background noise
      • It's possible I've experienced some TMJ recently, however I've never had pain from it and I only feel it maybe 1/3 meals
      • If any more information can help just ask the question
      Thanks for your feedback :D
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      Why don't you get a hearing test? You won't have to guess as much... at least you'll have a baseline.

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