When docs suggest a drug that is on the "naughty" list

Discussion in 'Support' started by Leah, May 19, 2014.

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      how do you handle it when you research a med that was recommended? My neurologist wants to try Cymbalta and Trilepal but I see Cymbalta may cause ear issues, frustrates me so much. Any suggestions? Thanks
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      @Leah I don't think anyone can have an easy answer for this. It also depends on who you ask - a tinnitus patient or a doctor. I had that issue too even though it was just antibiotics in my case so I can choose not to take it without much detrimental effect. The logical answer is to ask the doctor for alternative medication/treatment plan but then again it depends on the medical condition and having a doctor who is able to understand our fear.

      Every course of treatment has side effects and doctors can only advise based on probability. So it still scares me when I am prescribed medication. However, I guess it is a choice of the necessary evil, pray hard and dealing with issues when they come. All the best.

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