Wish Tinnitus Would Make Up Its Mind

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cor, Jun 30, 2014.

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      My tinnitus is switching from a clear sound to a hiss to a mix to a dentist drill back to a clear sound. Very difficult to habituate if it's changing so much.

      I seem to also react badly to certain sounds. Running water makes my t spike like crazy. But I dont think I have H. I can take most sounds just fine.
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      Bacterial virus
      I agree today my left ear is so high,my right is low.Like you wish it would stay in the middle as I call it ,then I know as day goes by I will settle to it,where I can ignore it.way I describe mine look at the ear as a whole,top of ear it's high, ear lobe is low ,middle of my ear I then describe as a good day for me.wonder how others describe there's.
      Hope you can understand that Cor,tinnitus hard to explain hey to anyone,but that's how I explain mine,my husband who had it over 30 yrs gets it when I say it's high,middle or low.I believe ones tinnitus is varied,that's why some find it easier to ignore.ive had it long enough to know,I tell it as it is.Will there be a cure ? Most certainly.whole heartily believe that.So we have bad days,but it will pass.find when mine high I avoid the telephone,irritates the tinnitus,how about you ?
      I'm watching Wimbledon,to take my mind off the high pitch,in the hope it will just drop to a happier level,to enjoy the tennis.Best wishes,

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