Worth the Small Risk of Fluoxetin or Not? Depressed etc

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jimmie, Nov 11, 2015.

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    1. Jimmie

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      I been trying to think this over so much last few weeks.
      My tinnitus increased after a flu, a lot. I still don't know if it will go back or not after 2 1/2 weeks with this horrible increase in noise.

      The other problem is that I feel it brought my depression back with a vengeance. I struggled on and off with depression but handled it without meds last 2 years.

      But right now I am in a phase of questioning my life.
      I have no friends I hang out with, I am without a job, I am 31 years old and I really don't know how to enjoy my life or keep moving forward.
      All of this is increased 10 fold with the constant reminder of this increased high frequenzy noise that I cannot overpower with anything right now.

      Before I could watch tv, play games etc to get my mind of it somewhat, now It's 100% impossible which leads me to have even less energy, partly to blame for this tinnitus and partly for my spike in mental state.

      I am really thinking about trying Fluoxetine (I tried many AD's some years ago, and this was the only one that did not have major side effects for me)

      I only used it for a short while last time however (few months) before I wanted to try and quit myself to just get rid of it all.

      I am not sure how my tinnitus will react to it, if at all. But I am scared of doing some permanent damage, I read around and the chances of it effecting tinnitus in a bad way is very low. But it is still there.

      The problem right now Is I have no energy to try and cope with life, I can hardly eat, I cannot smile or anything.
      That is the reason I been thinking maybe I do really need help with my serotonin this way, to keep going and make it better in the long run.
    2. Fungus

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      I wouldn't give it a second thought....start fluoxetine (or another anti-depressant if it would be beneficial....you say you tried anti-depressants some years back and there may be newer more effective ones without too much by the way of side effects).

      I was reluctant to start 'happy pills', but haven't looked back since doing so 6 months ago.

      DO remember that initially all you will get is the side effects without a noticeable anti-depressant effect. The effect of mood alteration takes at lest two weeks and is getting to steady state at 4-6 weeks, so you have to be determined.

      Your spike after 'flu is likely to eventually settle, but virus infections are good at triggering or re-activating depression, too.

      So...yes...do it.

    3. linearb

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      I'd personally steer the hell away from psych meds in general and SSRIs in particular, not because they're very likely to make your tinnitus permanently worse, but because they are basically snake oil that's been fostered on us through junk science, based on the unsubstantiated idea that "low serotonin levels" are responsible for depression. This is literally just a hypothesis that's never been demonstrated in vitro...

      Note: I'm heavily biased on this issue because I believe I was damaged as a result of basically reckless prescriptions over the years. However, the drugs actually prevented me from developing the coping skills I needed to survive life, and now I'm managing all that crap just fine. I respect that other people have different experiences and different opinions on this.

      On the tinnitus front, there are a good number of reports of tinnitus getting worse as a result of SSRI use, it's just not super likely. But, it can happen, there are plenty of threads about that here.
    4. MarioT
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      Stress + SSRI medication
      A low dose of SSRI (5mg/day) over a small period of time (5 days) gave me intrusive tinnitus in the first place. Strangely enough, the same drug (citalopram) had helped me several years before that incident, because of another issue I was struggling with at the time, without any significant side-effects.

      1.) Because your body tolerated a drug in the past, does not mean it will have the same reaction today. Your body (including your brain) changes over time.

      2.) Based on my personal experience, I am strongly convinced that tinnitus and depression/anxiety (= some imbalances in your neurotransmitter chemistry) are strongly interconnected.

      Whether you take the risk or not has to be your decision alone. It could go either way. Should you try and go down that road I strongly suggest you first try to stabilize yourself (mentanly and physically) and avoid any form of stress while you taper on the drug. Be sure to have people around you for support. It is common that your depression and anxiety will initially get worse before they get better.
    5. Jimmie

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      Yeah I am still undecided what to do.
      I know that I cannot go on much longer as I am right now.

      I am not sure If I can take myself out of this myself.

      I might give 5-htp a try because I read people here got some help with depression with using it, and it's much less intrusive then ADs.
      To start out and see if it can help me before I move on to maybe try an AD as last resort.
    6. undecided

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      Mirtazapine seems to be an AD that lots of forum members have found to be effective and non-ototoxic.
      I'd try that instead of Fluoxetine.
      But its definitely a safer bet going with 5-htp first, hope you get good results.
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    7. linearb

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      Yup, just keep in mind that for some people 5-HTP can cause insomnia/anxiety, so be prepared for that.

      Besides contemplating drugs, what else are you doing for yourself? That is, are you already doing stuff like:
      * sleeping a regular schedule
      * eating healthy food and avoiding extra sugars/processed crap
      * getting very regular exercise
      * spending time outside
      * engaging in some kind of contemplative practice (meditation, yoga, whatever)

      All of these things have a reasonable amount of data behind them to suggest that they work in opposition to "depressed states", and of course, all of these things are much safer (and probably more likely to be sustainable long term) than taking drugs.

      Your initial post here makes it sound like you're sort of in a rut in a lot of ways and that the tinnitus is just the icing on the cake. You can definitely get out of the rut, and that might make you feel a lot better about your tinnitus -- but it's going to take a bunch of hard work, and things may not feel a lot better for some time even if you do all that stuff. That's why I think the last bullet point there is so important -- meditation has done more to increase my distress tolerance threshold than anything else I've tried in 20 years.
    8. Jimmie

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      I am trying to keep myself up with going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time.
      I do group training 1-2 times a week and I force myself to leave my appartment at least 1 time a day.
      I try to eat but right now it's really hard to get down food so I eat some yoghurt, fruit and whatever food I can get down atm.
      I try and do some stretches, relaxation before bed.

      All of this is 100% forced right now, because I figure If I give them up it will just crash even harder.

      I know it's not a quick fix, It's just so hard to hold on when it's screaming 10 times louder in my left ear and I just feel this survival to keep going on right now.

      It is also hard because the worse I feel the more sensitive I am to sounds (I have no H normally when I feel ok) but the moment depression sets I start to feel sensitive to sounds.
      It might also be because I am more tense in my neck now with increased tinnitus, I try to do stretches for the neck but I notice it is more stiff and have some more pain in it.

      T and Depression really is an evil circle that goes hand in hand :(
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    9. Fernando81

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      anxiety - stress
      Jimmie, I´m sorry to hear that you are going through this situation. Sadly, I am facing it too.
      I started on sertraline almost a month ago ( 50 mg ) however it mild mi anxiety for a new tinnitus in my right ear ( the T on my left i have had it for 4 years since now ), i had to quit it because i suffered a couple of side effects, lost a lot of weight. So, my psychiatrist decided to change it for fluoxetine. This is my first day. Besides my T´s, my horrendous anxiety level and my depression, i have to deal with the tension in my jaw, face, head, ears... it is horrible. Many body sensations, so i decided it was enough, and ask for some professional help. Otherway, i do not know if a i could emerge from this situation. I am very suceptible to sounds ( at home, while i am walking in the city, etc ) it is like an obsessive behaviour, my ears are extremely alert. While taking the AD i´m on psicotherapy, but takes a while to get results.
      Life is short, i gave up on suffering.
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    10. Kazue

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      It takes a while for the side effects of AD to wear off, so don't be discouraged when it doesn't react well with you. I would say get back on them if you feel like it would really help you.

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