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Sep 5, 2020
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optimistic that we will all be cured by 2035. too much money and brainpower being poured into AI to reach any other conclusion. stay strong. Mar 12, 2024

chinup was last seen:
Apr 10, 2024 at 5:08 AM
    1. Dansco8
      hi just wanted to know if youre able to go to restaurants at all and how your tolerance is at the moment
      1. chinup
        Yeah I can now go to restaurants without issue as long as I wear hearing protection. I’ve been to many restaurants the past year, it’s awesome.

        My tolerance is the best it’s been since 2019 when my H went from manageable to catastrophic. It’s back where it was before the major noise injury I suffered almost exactly 5 years ago.
        Apr 8, 2024 at 10:29 AM
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      2. Dansco8
        wow this is great news i wish you could go into even further detail for me. Youre one of the only people whos H is exactly like mine. Ginger has been a major help and after isolating for the past year along with taking ginger the pain isnt what it used to be. I just dont know what my tolerance to digital audio is and im still scared to try to find out
        Apr 11, 2024 at 1:14 AM
    2. chinup
      optimistic that we will all be cured by 2035. too much money and brainpower being poured into AI to reach any other conclusion. stay strong.
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    3. Heal82
      Hey Chinup,
      I wanted to know how do you know that you have utilised a particular day's bandwidth. I am referring to your post about how you quickly took corrective action in order to avoid a setback.

      Fellow Sufferer
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      2. Heal82
        Thanks a lot chinup for your prompt response. I somehow feel drained entire day due to this condition. I am just too depressed.
        One more thing I wanted to ask was that I am currently working remotely. Can you lists some of the dos and don'ts that I should follow? Please do not say don't work at all because it is not an option as I have an 8 year old and I am sole bread earner.
        Jan 10, 2024
      3. Heal82
        Hi @chinup, are you currently working ? I mean are you employed and going out to your workplace?
        Feb 5, 2024
      4. chinup
        I work from home fortunately. I think that was a big part of my recovery. H almost seems like tearing an ACL but then having to run on a torn ACL every day. If we could just rest a few months we’d get better but we are bombarded by sound 24/7 so recovery takes forever.
        Apr 8, 2024 at 10:31 AM
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    4. haha ear go eeee
      haha ear go eeee
      Hey, did you ever try Ivabradine for your POTS?
      1. chinup
        I never tried it, dealing with other health stuff sadly. Seizures, possibly a brain tumor or just epilepsy. Have to get an MRI tomorrow and praying it doesn’t set me back…
        Sep 11, 2023
    5. KoolKat
      I do think we are getting closer to some form of treatment, what do you think? From your point of view since having this since 2010 , do you think we NOW IN 2023 got all the ingredients for treatment or do we have more hurdles to climb. im seeing alot of new discoveries saying we mapped out the ear, and have ways to get drugs inside them. IDK.
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      2. chinup
        I think we will be cured in a decade. I think we are at the forefront of a golden age of medicine. But it will take a bit of time still.
        Jan 10, 2024
    6. KoolKat
      So sorry my brother that youve had this since 2010, 2010 was a pivotal year in my life and
      tho my life post 2013 sucked i just get sad when i think about people who've had their lives ruined
      like mine thanks to this stupid condition.
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    7. GPL

      Could you tell me a little more on how Ginger has helped your Tinnitus please and whay quanities.

      I am about to order some some strong ginger suppliments if you think this might help my Tinnitus.

      1. chinup
        Sorry for the late response. Ginger helped my Hyperacusis but never my Tinnitus unfortunately. Nothing helps that aside from avoiding caffeine and loud sounds.
        Jan 10, 2024
    8. ZFire
      Hey @chinup, How’s
      it going? I was just wondering what musician’ s ear plugs do you use?
      1. chinup
        I use hearos high fidelity plugs. Blue package. Clear earplugs.
        Jan 25, 2022
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    9. GamingT
      Greetings, you reported your tinnitus worse after taking covid vaccine...has it gotten any better since then? Does your tinnitus usually fluctuate if you take certain medications (asprin) or eat certain foods?
      1. chinup
        It has slowly improved over time. It’s still not back to baseline but it’s manageable now. Some days are very close to baseline. Hopefully I’ll continue to improve over the next 6 months.

        Caffeine causes it to spike.
        May 6, 2021
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