Terms & Conditions for Tinnitus Talk Supporters

Is Your Organisation Interested in Becoming a Supporter of Tinnitus Talk?

Tinnitus Talk has a single tier for engagement with our supporters.

Our core philosophy is to be an impartial and trusted source of advice, to this end we have to retain strict criteria in terms of supporter organisations.

We partner with 3 types of organisations:

      ● Charities and foundations
      ● Grant making bodies supporting socially beneficial work
      ● Commercial organisations involved in research

We are only able to partner with commercial organisations who fulfil all of the below:

Any organization engaged in the search for a cure or effective treatment protocol for tinnitus will have to demonstrate a commitment to randomized controlled trials, where possible, to be eligible for supporter status.

The supporter scheme has the following benefits:

      ● Your organisation's linked logo on the homepage of our website (tinnitustalk.com)
      ● Linked “Proud Sponsor of Tinnitus Talk” logo to display on your website

In addition, supporters can be considered for:

Promotion of registered, “gold standard” clinical trials to aid recruitment of participants, that are deemed to be of potential benefit to tinnitus sufferers (subject to a separate recruitment promotion agreement)

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