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      Hi all,

      I've had a lovely life of tinnitus for about 5 years now. It all started when I developed a-fib and started an anti-arrhythmic, the T blossomed and also 2 bouts of vertigo. Changed meds after a month or so, vertigo gone but T remains.

      Mine is a clean tone, main frequency is about 8300 Hz, as best I can tell, with 2 or 3 harmonics. No white noise at all.

      Mainly right side, I'd say about 75%. Volume is, I don't know, fairly loud I'd say, but to be honest I don't even notice it most the time, it is so clean I just ignore it anymore. Never keeps me from sleeping.

      However, I woke up this morning and my left side was SCREAMING. I have no idea why. Over the course of the day that side has calmed down, right now it is about 50/50, which is more than what it was. Freq. is the same as the right.

      Anyway, not really an issue for me (as is) but who knows that the future holds?

      Saw one ENT (for other things), was totally uninterested and offered no advice whatsoever.

      For the vertigo I have had sinus and inner ear MRI's, as well as one on the carotids. Perfectly normal.

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