A Few Days of Ear Fullness Was Followed by Tinnitus — What's My Outlook Like?

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      Hi all. I got tinnitus about 2 months ago. Not 100% certain where it came from. I just remember my right ear feeling full for a few days and then suddenly waking up with the ear ringing which progressively got worse over a few days.

      I went to my local doctor and he told me to just wait a month. After a few days, I took it on to see an ENT. Good thing I did, because I believe I caught it within the window of time where steroids can help. I was prescribed a regimen of Prednisone for 2 weeks. One week in, the ENT gave me another hearing test and my hearing had improved. After coming off the Prednisone, I woke up on New Year's Day and couldn’t hear out of my right ear at all. Literally snapping my fingers and just feeling the vibration. By the time I got to the emergency room, my hearing came back a little bit. They gave me a CT scan and found nothing.

      My tinnitus is still here and no doctors have found anything yet. Just curious, does the full ear feeling ever go away? I still have that, along with some hearing loss (another hearing exam next week to determine how bad).

      It’s just so frustrating at this point. I end up sleeping on the sofa because I have a lot of sleepless nights and don’t want to pull my wife into this issue.

      I don’t have any associated dizziness at all and I am in my mid-40s, but this is likely not Ménière’s disease.

      Any thoughts or recommendations would really help.
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      I can't speak for others but my ear fullness went away after about six to eight weeks (can't quite remember how long it took).

      Keep away from loud noises, protect your ears and it should fade. Good luck!

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