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      Well. For some reason I came to think about this story I read on a Danish page in my early days of desperately searching through the internet in the hope of finding something that would help. Anyhow I thought that it might help someone and decided to share it in this forum.

      Well the thing is that this guy had had an odd ringing in his ears since his early 20's. He was unsure about how he got it in the first place but since he was a musician in his spare time he just assumed that he got it from not taking properly care of his ears while playing. However he was also stressed out about things as I guess a lot of people in their early 20's is. Moving away, studying, keeping up with friends, working to earn some extra money. He didn't really pay much attention to the ringing other than the fact that it was annoying from time to time but one day about 10 years later when things has settled down and he wasn't stressed out about things anymore he noticed that his ringing had gone away completely eHoven when he searched for it and tried to listen for it he couldn't hear it. He also wrote, though, that when he got stressed on the job the ringing would reappear but it would always disappear again as soon as the stress was resolved.

      So yeah. There you go. Hopefully it will help someone. I don't dare to hope up too high (I guess I'm a pessimist by nature, hah), but it is nice to know that it is possible for tinnitus to disappear even though one has been a sufferer for years!
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