Acute Stage: Should I or Where I Can Try rTMS?

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      cause of tinnitus
      most probably Xanax withdrawal, I only used it for 2 weeks at a very low dose but unfortunately got tinnitus during dosage reduction Dr. told me I could ct off 0.25mg after short term use, huge mistake.

      24 7 extremely unpredictable sound, completely devastating. Odd enough T loudness no correlation with anxiety and sleep, but changeable with jaw movement/body posture/external sound stimuli.
      Saw an ENT and later a top notch Otoneurologist active scientific researcher in my country

      perfectly normal audiogram, no hearing loss, he wants me to do a EEG scan but it is yet to be done
      My Otoneurologist is the clinical trial director of a rTMS experiment at a local university, but he refused to let me try because they only accept people with chronic tinnitus 6+ months and told me to try natural sound therapy first. Should I go for other clinics or are there any clinic which offer non-invasive experimental therapies to patients with recent onset tinnitus? I do remember reading a paper stating that rTMS on auditory cortex is most effective when applied during acute stage because the tinnitus hasn't yet caused tonotopic map reorganization. I want to try all possible experimental treatment to see whether any of them could be beneficial before it turns chronic.

      I mentioned to my Dr info about AM101, but he told me I'm not eligible.

      Also I wanna ask are there any scans that can differentiate tinnitus that originate from inner ear or the brain?
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