Camping with Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by WildMan, Sep 10, 2016.

    1. WildMan

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      Acoustic trauma.
      How many of you T sufferers still go camping? It used to be part of my job (my way of life) but sleeping at night was almost impossible, because the only thing I could hear was my T. I'm sure my diet played a roll, a lot of salt and sodium in those backcountry diets. My heart will always be in the mountains but I had such a bad mental breakdown while working out there with the lack of sleep do to my T. It has gotten better since. I'm afraid of camping again as funny as that sounds.

      Do any of you still camp? What do you do to help with your sleep?
    2. Foncky

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      Music. Balloon. Genes.
      Yes, don't stop that ! There are a lot of soft and funny noises out there during the night, why not focus on them ? They could act like a natural masking machine.

      You're safe in the wild, free from the usual human noise. Enjoy that, I'm sure the T won't ruin the experience for long.
    3. linearb

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      I love camping, and find nature sounds soothing, but at this point I'm very comfortable sleeping in silence or worth earplugs in, so your mileage may vary.

      If you used to enjoy camping, don't let tinnitus take that away from you.
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      Do it! Don't let T take the beauty of nature away from you. I wish I could go camping, but I never have the time and can't be away from home that long. I'd love to go even if T was beating me down.
    5. volsung37

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      I want to camp again. I have a feeling that if you camp by the sea or near a river the ambient sounds will probably mask the T quite effectively. The house I live in is quite silent due to double glazing so it must be easier to sleep with natural ambient sound. Thats what I hope anyway. This condition is almost like learning to live again one step at a time. Slowly trying out things that you used to just takefor granted. It certainly makes me appreciate small successes and the awesome beauty and fragility of what I used to take for granted without a second thought.

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