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Discussion in 'Support' started by kevin b, Jan 2, 2015.

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      I could use some words of advice and prayers. I have been battling bad depression sincce November of last year when my Lexapro stopped working after 10 great years. I got T in Feb and had a hard time until a few weeks ago when I started to deal with it pretty well. my depression has stayed after trying 2 different medications. I have been on a new one now for a few months and have miserable days but seem to get better every night, but wake up to the depression again? I started a new job and I am struggling and my wife is not happy with our relationship at the moment. I spent all morning crying with begging her to ride out this rough patch with me, we have 3 great kids. I feel if I could only beat this depression (something I have had 30 years) that I would be okay. I am so lost and feel so alone, my T has gradually cranked up in my left side to add to my misery and anxiety.
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      @kevin b
      Kevin, I will take you into my prayers.
      My wife is also not happy with our situation. But she says that she there are good times and bad times. And we will go through it together. She fights her battle with cancer, I mine with severe T, anxiety and depression. We have also two kids, 7 and 12.

      Any advice? Difficult. T is a beast, depression is a monster. I was moaning a lot about my T. When we realized she has cancer, I stopped (most of the time). I said to myself that it doesn't make a difference if I complain about T or not, I suffer the same. So I try masking (with crickets) my T when anxiety becomes too much. And I go out of the house, cry for myself.

      Try to get another med that works against depression. There are many out there. I take Mirtazapine, but I don't know if it works. Maybe do something good at home. I try doing as much as possible in the household. I do the shopping, take kids from school etc. I was also running with her today. Only two kilometers, but that was good. So I make life of my wife a little bit better.

      Stay strong.
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      You're doing your job correctly. You're well aware of your feelings and clearly explaining them.
      Now it's your doctor's turn to act.

      As you know, stress and titration of some medicines bring on tinnitus. So hopefully your T will subside as you start to feel better.
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      I'll never know
      I couldn't agree more with this! Keep trying to find that missing piece & I'm sure things will get better :)

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