Deaths Might be Linked to Stem Cell Treatment

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      The late Rep. Erico Aumentado of Bohol province underwent stem cell therapy in Germany last September and felt like “Superman” before he died of pneumonia last Christmas at the age of 72, his son told the Inquirer on Monday.

      Aris Aumentado, the incoming representative from Bohol, said his father felt better on his return from Germany that he got rid of his cane and wheelchair.

      “He was like Superman,” he told reporters, a day after the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) issued a warning against the so-called “xenogenic,” or animal-based, stem cell therapy.

      House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. also said on Monday that Camiguin Rep. Pedro Romualdo also underwent stem cell therapy before he died on April 24 at the age of 77, also of pneumonia.

      Aris said his father was advised to rest after the German trip, but because he felt so good, he went around campaigning in his district. He said that before the procedure, his father had already suffered from thrombosis in his leg because his sugar could not be controlled.

      The elder Aumentado also suffered bouts of pneumonia even before. It was pneumonia that caused his father’s death, Aris said, adding he did not think it was complications from the new therapy. “His lungs were weak even before,” he said.

      Belmonte surmised that his two late colleagues were not the best candidates for the controversial procedure. The treatment may have given them a false sense of hope, he said.

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      Thanks Nills for posting. I think Stemcell treatment is ultra complex.. if not surprisingly has nasty side effects.
      I hope they will test more with stemcell therapy

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