Exploding Head Syndrome — I'm Getting Scared Now!

Discussion in 'Support' started by sarahlouise, May 11, 2014.

    1. sarahlouise

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      at a party in 2010
      this is getting scary everytime i go to bed i hear a loud bang like some on shooting a gun or banging something really hard but i want to know whats happening and whats the cause of it and if anyone eles has the same problem as well

      please respond back asp :eek:
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      Matt Pike
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    3. michela

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      you are right with this,but sorry, i really had to laugh about the name "exploding head syndrome",wow,a really scary name for this phenomenon.
      i guess sarahlouise is even more shocked now after hearing THIS name :nailbiting:
    4. awbw8

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      I cannot believe that is the actual name of a condition - what a terrifying thing. What doctor or researcher was thinking of the person experiencing this when they named it that? How heartless. They could just have easily have called it "high volume auditory experience" or some other vague thing that doesn't involve such high-impact language. Goodness.

      On the bright side, it looks like it can go into remission or go away all together and isn't physically dangerous to you, though I can only imagine it feels very scary. I hope you feel better soon @sarahlouise!
    5. Stina

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      Before falling asleep I also have heard thumps (not very loud but still noticable). I was taking an anti-depressant med at the time so maybe that caused it. I have no idea what is though so maybe you should consult your doctor.
    6. tychobrae

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      I often experience loud bangs when I'm falling asleep or more often when I'm waking up. I've always thought that it was due to some kind of hypnagogic state and it's never really bothered me.

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