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Discussion in 'Support' started by JohnnyMx, May 2, 2015.

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      Just came to tell everybody that living with T, and even living a great life is possible.

      My last spike 5 months ago, with much worse Hyperacusis.

      I started all over again. Anxiety, depression, but this time just took me 2 months to be up and running again.

      Now I'm here, friday, i'm hearing this "old friend" since when i opened my eyes in the morning, and i just don't care about it.

      Yesterday, in Mexico was the "Kid's Day", so we went to have fun with my boys and wife, and had a fantastic night.

      Today, is labor day, so nobody works. We are getting ready to go out, nice restaurant, taking the boys to the park.

      And no, my Tinnitus has not gone, i can hear it over T.V., but, in some point, if you dont care about it, it just dont bother you anymore, or at least not that much, the brain is a powerfull ally.

      To all friends suffering, i tell you there is hope. First time it took me more than a year to habituate. Now just 2 months.

      Life is so wonderful to being waste thinking about T.

      Hope and best wishes for all!
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      Thanks for the nice positive update. It is always comforting to know people move on with life after T, even after a loud relapse of T. So what tips you can share with us how you turn anxiety & depression into 'just don't care'? You can write a success story if you like in the Success Stories section to share your insights with the newer sufferers.

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