For Those with Intermittent Tinnitus: Quieter When More Frequent?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tamalak, Oct 10, 2013.

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      This has been a little mystery for me. My tinnitus (left ear) has been very irregular. At its best it has been *completely* gone for 1.5 months, other than a grand total of 15 seconds of quick murmuring here and there. At its worst it has been going nonstop for a couple weeks. "Most" of the time it comes and goes during a day or, if days are clear, during the week.

      These last few weeks it has been almost constant. But I have noticed it has also been much quieter. This is the same as in the past when it has been constant. The more often and more consistently I hear it, the quieter it is. I am wondering if there is anyone else with such symptoms and if they may point to a cause.
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      loud music...history of anxiety/depression...earplugs idk
      I think your body/brain is doing its best to fight this bs signal dude. If we could get some decent help from someone wed probably lick it..bye bye T. I started a convo with you man check it out...
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      Noise induced
      Tinnitus comes in many forms and intensities, and no two people experience it the same. When a person has habituated to their tinnitus, fluctuations in its intensitiy does not seem so problematic. One of the best ways to habituate to tinnitus is to use sound enrichment particularly at night using a sound machine by the bedside. During the day try to avoid quiet rooms and surroundings, again, by using sound enrichment.


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