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Discussion in 'Support' started by Tenna, Nov 10, 2013.

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      So I'm on day 26, and I just washed my hair meaning I ofc got water in my ears.
      There's no change in my standard t but now Everytime I told my hands to cover my ears, there is a constant 'swooooosh' sound, checked in every room of the house and outside. It's not there if I completely isolate the ears with my hands, just when I hold them 1cm in front of them. What am I to think about this?
      this is freaking me out

      Its the equivalent of when standing at next to a road. There you can move your hands in front of your ears, by that creating blocking out the sound, making a 'swoosh' sound.. If that made any sense.
      Also I havent been exposed to anything really loud
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      Acoustic trauma
      It’s the sound of the environment resonating on your hands. For increased effect, try a spiral seashell. The effect is called “seashell resonance” (it has a name so it must be true!).
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      Not sure
      Don't panic Tenna. This has happened to me as well. In the past I kept testing to see what was 'inside' and what was 'external' - just trying to figure out what the tinnitus sound was without any external sounds. So I put my hands over my ears frequently and many times after washing my hair (with water in my ears). It comes and goes - the swoosh sound. Sometimes it's there even without the water! There's often a 'click' sound and sometimes there's nothing at all but it all feels 'suppressed'. I also get tiny bell like sounds if I cover my ears when I walk - not always but quite often.

      The trouble is, as I never did this before I had tinnitus... I don't know if these sounds were there then. How do we know for sure that they have anything to do with our T?

      Our senses are heightened because we're thinking about T and every little thing seems to be connected to it.

      Best advice is to try and not think about it. Don't put your hands near your ears. I think it's all pretty meaningless and it certainly didn't lead to my tinnitus changing or getting worse or something bad happening.

      Also... it's a little like when you're driving and you go through a built up area (with the window open) and then into open spaces... sounds bounces back & is completely different in built up areas :).

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