Getting Angry at Yourself for Fantasizing a Better Life

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tomuk, Jan 5, 2016.

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      Does anyone else do this? I find myself day dreaming regularly about all sort of ridiculous things like what life would be like in a world where tinnitus could be cured instantly with a single pill or i had the ability to go back in time in my life and "try again" fixing all the mistakes i made, thinking about all the things i would do differently this time. I get super annoyed with myself when i snap out of these stupid daydreams angry that i keep putting myself in these weird delusory states.
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      You know, I do from time to time.
      The thing is, when I got T 2012 I did just this.
      Then I habituaded and lived 3 years without any problems with my loud T, not even noticing it most times.

      Now I got a very bad spike for unknown reason and I am right back to just this, seeing the future in doom and gloom, that I cannot do anything now with this condition, so much I wanted to do.

      However, when I look back at the last 3 years, what I have done to solve what I wanted to do, I see that I have done nothing. I just zombied on with life, even when T was not an issue.

      So for me at least I know it's deeper then T, but T starts the wheel of doom when its bad now.

      I go back way further like 15 years before I even got T as well with these thoughts, "what If I did this different"
      But yeah, it's hard to break a cycle of those thoughts, Tinnitus or no Tinnitus tbh.
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      Excessive loud noise
      I do this all the time. I get mad because there are no warnings or awareness out there regarding this condition.

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