Harmful Frequencies?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jon Mac, Nov 13, 2016.

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      Like the title suggests, I would like to know are there any particular frequencies that should be avoided with regards to tinnitus, on a general and/or personal level?

      High frequencies (those 2000hz or upwards), we're often told, do more damage than lower ones, but are there particular frequency ranges which are excitatory to tinnitus on the whole, and indeed on a personal level?

    2. Jason C

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      Burgler Alarm
      In my opinion it's more the db level rather than the frequency of sound. Music has all the frequencies so trying to avoid a db level above 85db is probably best. Easy enough too do, just avoid night clubs and big concerts unless you use hearing protection.

      Too answer your question though, yes, higher frequencies do cause damage a lot faster depending on the db level.

      My problems were caused by a powerful alarm external sounder in the region of 120db at 4K
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      @Jon Mac As Jason right says, it's the amount of decibels the auditory system is subjected to rather than frequency range that causes ear damage.
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    4. Stew

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      I find low frequencies at any level bother me. Higher frequencies annoy me more though. I have found that lower frequencies harm me regardless of decibels.
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      Frenquencies high to low.
      When i was sitting in a store that sells couches and chairs, one of those type of stores, (My spelling really sucks because i have ADHD and i have deep fast thoughts, a lot of times i tend to misspell simple words.. and words I do not often use get discord in my head) I sat in the middle of the floor room, on a couch, it seem to somewhat bother me, but it is a strange and sometimes it is wondering feel and often wonder... will it be loud enough to kick in, and yeah went from a mall upper state most of the day, and then to a down play of a one floor place like that.. (I do not have time to talk the longer paragraphs, running out of time).. it seem to somewhat trigger out of the blue though.. I have a theory on it too.

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