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      My tinnitus got worse over the past month because I have been listening to youtube videos of ocean waves, rushing waterfalls, and rain on rooftops while I type on my cpu. I had noticed that it seemed worse after my cpu sessions, but wasn't sure. Just recently I was listening to some youtube videos of harp playing and also some folk music in addition, at once, along with waves. I do this to try to conceal out the household noises I hear in the background because I am highly sound sensitive. Anyway, I noticed my ringing was 2-3x louder than the music I was listening to. That has never happened before. I hope it lesses! I wonder if anyone else has had the experience of waves increasing their tinnitus?
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      You have my empathy Owl, I know how stressful it can be just when you think you already have enough to deal with but then T strikes down once again. I had a similar experience a little over a month ago, though I've recovered from the worst of it. Lets hope you're able to do the same.. which is most probable. :)

      I don't use typical masking noises when my tinnitus is bugging me. I've got an iPod with some Michael Jackson songs that seem to distract me well enough. I don't have experience, but I doubt it was specifically the noise of waves that have worsened your T, after all you did mention you had numerous tracks going at once. What I think has happened is you've "tired" your ears out with too many sounds possibly and now without the music your T seems much louder because you aren't used to the absence of noise to mask it. I know you mentioned that you noticed your T seemed to be louder while the music was still going, but maybe that was just and still is your perception of it? I've had moments when I imagine mine to be much louder than it actually is.

      Welcome by the way. I hope you feel better and your T lessens soon. :confused:
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      Hey Owl: Funny... I can tell you that most water sounds (rain, ocean waves, flowing streams) drive my T crazy. I have no idea why. Many people find them relaxing. Even the real sound of rain on my car roof aggravates it. But my shower? No problem. Maybe its the frequency.

      Anyway, just listen to something else and my guess is your T will quiet down. I have the WhiteNoise app on my iPhone and avoid all the water sounds -- but there are, like, 20 others to choose from. "Cat purring" and "air conditioner" are my favorites. Also, an inner ear surgeon who himself has tinnitus told me very light classical music is good, as it has a wider range of frequencies for the brain to listen to, helping it block out the tinnitus noise.

      And welcome!
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      Thank y'all so much. I was really getting scared. I also like the cat purring. I knew I had to stay away from these loud/high frequency masking noises but I haven't yet been able to work out an alternative that covers up the intrusive sounds in my environment.

      I hope my ears are just tired, though I think it may be both the high volume I was using (to block out sound) and the high frequency. My tinnitus doesn't seem to be affected by brown noise, but it seems to be disturbed by pink noise, and white noise is somewhere in the middle in affecting me. Brown noise is more medium frequencies.

      I also have both hyperacusis and misophonia, which causes my adrenaline and fight or flight to rise, and I am always battling this. It is disturbed by everyday sounds and in addition it causes rapid heartbeat and stress. This is why I sometimes need to turn my masking sounds up pretty loudly.

      Years ago I took some medication, I forgot what for, either depression or anxiety or for sleep, and it increased my tinnitus. My doctor didn't believe me though. I believe my tinnitus has actually increased from this and it is not just seeming to. I know this because I have had used masking noises for over a decade and have never had tinnitus this bad before.

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