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      4months new to this tinnitus thing in my head. My story, 1st let me explain the sound. You take a hearing test. Sit in booth. Raise your hand when you hear a sound, you keep raising your hand as sound level reaches a high pitch, now turn the volume up 80% out of 100. Now add 5 matching sounds but slightly diff. There's more over your left shoulder a handful of tiny Santa bells ringing. And over your right is where it gets tricky, your not sure whether what your hearing is real or not there are all sorts of sounds, clicking, whispers, whooshing sounds, so you keep turning your head. This is my everyday life from the moment I wake till around 7pm, then all hell brake loose, this is when something climbed inside of my head and turns the volume up 200%. Instant headache. 24/7 every moment of my life. After researching and finding out that there is no cure I went on anti depressants. The ENT Doc recommended that pill. 2wks ago I had a MRI test done. They found Cysts in both of my sinus canals, a same day surgery was performed on me this morning 9-2-14 by the time they got all of the cyst out from my left sinus canal it was the size of a golf ball. During same surgery a tube was inserted in my right ear do to a damaged eardrum and a biopsy was taken from the roof of my mouth. We were all hoping that this Op would at least quiet this down a bit. It did not. I am running out of all hope, this T thing have me on my couch a different man, I don't no anything anymore. WTF I am only 50. How do one survive this awful disease at this level. I am hoping that the surgery did help and the sounds level will go down in time. Thank you.
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      Hi Dakeem,

      I'm just hoping that scientists will come up with a cure, meanwhile I'm just biding my time. Just remember you are not alone, this hearing disorder affects millions of people, also young people, due to the noise culture we're living in. For whatever reason, in these days everything has to be LOUD. But eventually, these youngsters will pay the price, no one gets a free ride. Accept it as a new part of your life, it's just there 24-7, period. And try to focus on the good things that are still there. That's the key I think... Because it distracts you from listening to that electric buzz (that's what my T sounds like) and makes you forget about it. Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

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