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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tinalou, Feb 22, 2018.

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      Hi everyone,
      I wanted to introduce myself, I am new to this support forum. I started first symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus early January 2018. I had a severe cold after Christmas, and that turned into a sinus infection. My primary care physician prescribed an antibiotic (amoxicillin) for about a week, which only helped my pain symptoms in my sinus' but did not clear up my head enough to get rid of the ringing. I went back to her after I finished the antibiotics and she then prescribed a prednisone pack and Zyrtec D for about 7 more days to try to clear up my head and her thought was that the prednisone would help to open up passageways. No luck with that.

      Then I was referred to an ENT, he put me on Mucinex and flonase sprays for two weeks, and yes no success.
      At this point, I am super frustrated about this noise, no sleep and very irritated. I have read on here that is pretty common to feel this way but I am really trying to get to the point of "getting used" to the noise since that is what most people that I have spoken to say will happen eventually. Back to my treatments, the ENT sent me to an audiologist to check my hearing to see if I have hearing loss, still waiting on those results.

      I go back to ENT this Friday, he mentioned that he will do a dopler ultrasound to check my carotids to rule that out and I am all for that to begin to eliminate all worry that this if a serious issue. What I am hoping to get out of this forum is to share my story and maybe come up with some type of ideas of how to cope with this without going crazy. So far I have used masking noises to help me sleep which is working to a certain extent, and using some sleeping aids that doctor prescribed OTC. Thanks for reading.
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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Coping/habituation all comes in time. It will take time to process what is going on and to slowly adjust and modify your life. masking can be quite helpful and it can help us not to focus on our tinnitus noise, but instead focus on something else. That's the key, to focus on something else and not your tinnitus.

      My formula for tinnitus is this: T+S+R/D

      Time = It shall take time to get used to this and to slowly move forward and adjust

      Support = Gain as much support/love that you can. Talk to someone that you love. Seek as much support as you can from this forum. Please do not read into negative posts on this forum.

      Relaxation/Distraction = Do as much as you can to take your focus away from the ringing. Do something that is safe for your ears and just enjoy yourself.

      In the end, we all know that tinnitus is horrible, but people still do smile and can still live a life...even with their ears ringing...
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      Noise Induced
      I’ve battled with pulsation Tinnitus before and I am living proof it can go. To this day i dont know what caused mine in the first place and why it went away many months later.

      It took many weeks but went away and it can for you too. Tinnitus is a very unpredictable condition.

      My advice is do not let T get to you , I know this is a lot easier said than done but distract yourself with music and other activities. In the meantime try eat healthy, go to sleep early and don’t stress, you would be amazed how much this can help.

      All the best!

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