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      It is my 1 month anniversary of getting T! It is a low pitch hiss in both ears. There is also a slightly higher pitched ringing in my right ear. Also, I notice changes in the pitch/tone when I turn my head or when I get a neck message.
      It started out of the blue 1 month back for no apparent reason. I am 32 yrs of age and have never ever taken any medicine in my life. I have never ever attended any concert. I seldom use headsets and if I do use them, it is at a very low volume. I do have allergies sometimes though not frequently. The ENT dr says my hearing is perfect! He thinks it MIGHT be a TMJ problem but could not say for sure (I dont have any jaw pain and do not have any trouble with my jaw moment).

      Today, I see a spike (it had been a constant pitch for 1 month) and for the first time I am using white noise while I type this up. I am starting to fear that, considering today's amped up T, it is only going to get worse. :(

      Should I get another opinion about my hearing? How else can I start managing T? I work in a vary quiet environment and the T has started to invade my quality of work. :(
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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Unknown (medication, head injury)
      If there is no immediate reason as to your cause, you can either leave it at that, or consider doing follow-up exams such as:
      1. Ultrasound of the blood vessels in the neck
      2. MRI of the head and upper spinal cord
      3. High frequency hearing test + tympanometry exam
      4. CAT scan of airways
      5. Dental exam.
      Sometimes we are perhaps predisposed to developing tinnitus due to conditions encountered during childhood (and which we are unaware of).

      The chart below is the standard protocol used to diagnose the multiple causes of tinnitus (click to enlarge).

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      Wow! That took some time to digest! Thank you for the information! I have my first follow-up ENT appointment on April 3rd. I will I guess take a call after that.

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