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      unknown/then cisplatin
      Hello everybody, this is my tinnitus journey: I first developed tinnitus in the late 90s as a background hissing which at the time didn't cause too many problems as I only usually noticed it at times of stress.

      Just over eleven years ago I was diagnosed with throat cancer and was treated with cisplatin.

      After treatment there was no discernible increase in volume of my tinnitus but it seemed to be there virtually permanently.

      About a year or two into remission I developed pulsating tinnitus which only seemed to effect the ear on the pillow at night. Some time later it just disappeared.

      A couple of years ago I came down with a virus and after recovering I have pulsating in both ears.

      Oddly if I put my fingers firmly in my ears it goes away completely and if I sit and put my head between my knees it drops by +or- 80%.

      I've had a consultation with my ENT specialist here in Spain who took a good look in my ears and couldn't come up with an answer.

      There doesn't appear to be much interest in the causes of tinnitus here or its possible treatments.

      And because I had cisplatin that appears to be seen as the cause of any problem and as such the inevitable outcome of cancer treatment.

      Hoping my forum membership might lead to alternative theories and a possible treatment.

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