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      I'm new to the forum I stumbled across this forum trying to find some info about tinnitus. Mine started February 2015 started with stiffness in my neck, my ear popping but no ringing. Few days went by I started hearing like a swooshing sound in my head with the same rhythm of my heart. Went to the ER three times because I didn't know what was going on. After several CT scans I was told it was due to sinus cyst. Started googling this then started having panic attacks because I thought I was have a stroke. I got on my doctor nerves to send me when I need to go ENT, Neurologist whom ever could help. Neurologist finally told me what it was. Lord have mercy
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      Hi, Misskitty,

      What did the doctor think was the cause of the sinus cyst, and does he think that there is any surgery for it?

      I have pulsatile tinnitus, too, (heartbeat sound in ear), and they haven't yet been able to identify a cause for mine. I've been living with it for over five years now. For most of us, pulsatile tinnitus is a benign condition. However, I'm glad your doctor was able to identify what seems to be causing yours.

      Please don't worry, and get a second opinion, if it continues to concern you.

      Best wishes from another "whoosher"!


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