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      I found this site a while ago and it's been a real help knowing there are lots of us out there with bad enough tinnitus to want to write to others in the same situation. My tinnitus started in October 2012 for no apparent reason and hasn't stopped for a second, and is VERY loud. I've tried everything I can think of, with no let up at all. In a couple of weeks I'm going for an assessment to see if I'm suitable for the Acoustic Neuromodulation clinical trial in Nottingham, so fingers crossed! I'll keep this updated in the hope it's of some help to anyone else. Thank you..
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      Hi Liz,

      And welcome to Tinnitus Talk. All the best for the assessment in Nottingham.
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      Good luck!
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      Hey welcome to the club. Yeah I know it's strange how your whole perception of the world changes when the brain music starts. I have found this site to be enlightning and is full of very good information,. Just read thru some of the threads and you'll find others with similar stories like your own. You have many many good people hear willing to bend thier ear to listen to your pain. You'll have to make your own judgement on what you may try to help you cope with the noise.
      Only thing I can suggest from my own attempt at self healing is remember...The noise can't hurt you..it's just a noise, relax take a deep breath, ( many if you need ) seek professional help and don't take you''l just have to live with it for an answer.
      I'm into month 7 now and after the initial shock of this crap I've had many more better days as opposed to high pitch days, Id like to think that this site has helped ( you are not alone ) along with my supplement plan that I've taken from others here that that has helped me cope a bit better, not sure that's the reason but I'll go with that for the time being.
      Good Luck at your assesment and keep visiting this site it will offer you reassurance.

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