Hey, My Name Is Heath. I Had an Experience Tonight With Either Tinnitus or a Relevant Issue.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Heathen207, Feb 10, 2015.

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      Naples, Maine..US
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      tonight 2015
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      a wake board crash blown eardrum or tooth extraction two weeks ago.
      So I am horrified!! I went to the mountain to the mountain tonight with a few friends to snowboard. I had recently had a tooth pulled and have had a numb stuffy feeling in my ear since. I have mentioned it a bunch of times to my family and figuted he wrenched me a bit when I was out. I also thought that I may have a sore jaw from missing rear teeth and my clench changing. Anyway so I'm going up the chair lift and I'm FINE! Actually I was super excited and shreddy so I see the off ramp and Look down for some reason. When I did..my ear popped and the ground got crazy scary and since I'm so cool and didn't even have the gate down I was instantly panicked and leaned way back and grabbed on..shook as hell! I got off and road fine to the entrance trail where we all bomb down together. So I get instant and first ever full blown anxiety attack EVER!! I mean I am the guy who has been riding my whole life, went to college for snowboarding and am really good. I mean I am NOT scared of the mountain. Its my happy place ALWAYS. So I start getting dizzy, I mean no drunk or high dizzy. I'm talking about out of body experience, 35year old father and normal healthy guy losing his mind and riding on waves OOMG it was awful scary. So I told my buddy and sat down a while shaking like a leaf and getting flashes as I turned my head and hair standing up on my neck. So they made me feel dumb cause I couldt explain correctly or lucidly what the hell was going on and I had a couple drinks and my medicinal so I'm the idiot I guess. So down they rip...flying.So I drop in and gi wide open to catch up all the while losing my legs and all feeling, balance and finally any self confidence. I quickly stop barley able to gain my faculties and sit down. Worst idea ever..I instanly go into the out of body thing flashing and scared I'm havinv a heart attack or anything horrible. I seriously couldn't gain the gumption to stand up let alone roll on for a half hour. After realizing it was not going away I just stood up and road perfectly to my car. I looked fine I guess but was still floating above myself or VERTIGOED right out. I got in my car and ate food, drank water and put my feet up on back head rest thinking It was blood related. Then I took my BP and it was 60 in a minute wich was really hig nut I was still horrified I was dieing. I called my mom and she came to get me and brought me home. It lasted an hour or two and went away. Now my jaw/ear hurts and have been swollen feeling. I've been reading blogs for hours and am more scared than ever. It could be temporary or old damage. I have blown my eardrum and had teeth pulled so I'm a great candidate plus I match a couple scary one related to elevation. Any ideas may help. I'm a full time single dad and builder. I oen my hoise and struggle without this noise. ?????
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      Viral ear infection
      Do you hear the noise or was it just the pop and pain that have you freaked out???
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      It sounds like a panic attack, they are harmless, but scary. Visit your GP a dentist, ENT and neurologist, to be sure. But have in mind, if it is a panic attack, they will not find anything and you will blame them for being incompitent. That is what people with panic attacks do, beleive me I know it from personal expirience. And leave this forum, for now. It will only confuse you and you prabably will not find anything usefull around here. You didnt mentioned ringing in the ears so its not tinnitus for now, оr ever, but visit an ENT.
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      It sounds like a middle ear thing Heath. Can be caused by virus or bacteria in normal circumstances. Could easily be caused by your tooth pull, esp. if an upper tooth was pulled.

      You really need to see a doc., or get back to your dentist ASAP. If you have a bacterial infection from your tooth pull, it could easily turn into septicemia.

      I agree with Vasil also .... it may also be a panic attack.

      You sure don't have tinnutus, that is different altogether.

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