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      Hi my name is Greg Evanski I have been living with severe T for about 5 years, its very loud and there isnt much that can mask it, I have done TRT 3 times, done every Vitamin known to man for it , nothing ever works, the only thing that seems to work is meditation and its all about acceptance because I dont know this whole habituation thing, the only time I can habituate is during the day when its loud everywhere at work and I am busy as hell....anyway nice to meet everyone....
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      Nice to meet you Greg..! "done every Vitamin known to man for it".. join the club! Ginkgo, Zinc, nothing worked for me (I tried them about a decade ago).

      When you need to relax or do tasks without tinnitus interrupting so much, have you tried masking tracks? I downloaded this https://www.tinnitustalk.com/threads/masking-track.16/ and i've been listening to it while doing mundane tasks and it really helps me.
      welcome to here!
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      I am downloading it right now so lets see what happens here, i can put it on my phone and put it under my pillow while I sleep..thanks for the link..
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      Welcome to the forum.
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      "I have done TRT 3times". Could you tell a few details of what that consisted of?
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      Loud noise exposure
      Yes, wonderful if you could share something of your experience with TRT. Who for instance, was your doctor? Did you see more than one? How would you characterize your results?
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      I did my TRT in los angeles from a Doctor who learned it from the very man who invented it. TRT consists of numerous testing first to find out if there is any hearing loss, and what frequency your T is, then how loud it is (mine is 67db...in TRT talk thats considered catastrophic). Then you are fitted with a custom pair of WNG, (white noise generator) its suppose to be within the frequency of your T. So then there is the start of counseling which goes your ear the inner ear and your brain and how T is no longer part of your ears and now its a brain situation. Then the counseling goes into how to look at T and how to deal with T, it is very quite helpful. When you first start wearing the WNG's there will be different levels at which you were put the volume for several weeks, in conjunction with the counseling. So there is about 8 different counseling sessions over 10- 12 months and then you are set free, no more WNG's and time to deal with T on your own. Then if something happens and you have a major setback you just fo back for more therapy. I had to go back twice now over the past 5 years, and I am thinking that I need to go back again as right now my T is very obtrusive and wont allow me to sleep relax or do much of anything at the moment, I should clarify its the T thats not allowing me its me allowing the T to have that much of an impact on my life at the moment. if I can i think one of the most important things for anyone with T is a healthy lifestyle all around, I was in very good health a couple years ago and my T consumed about 10% of my life, right now im not exercising eating right or anything and its back to consuming 80% of my life's thoughts and actions and coupled with depression from it is no fun. I am trying to get my good health back, but we all know that its a lot harder the fall down the mountain than it is to climb up. I had double knee surgery from a baseball injury and I was unable to do any activity for about 6 months were I gained 30 pounds, started smoking again and eating terrible from depression. If someone says that "smoking will kill you before Tinnitus" I will shoot them" no shit sherlock, a depressed person couldn't care less let me tell ya, but slowly I am coming out of this funk my knees are doing a lot better I am able to exercise on the bike and sit in the steam room, which is a good start, I lost 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks, I am not even that big just my body was not use to putting on all that weight at once, anyway back to TRT I strongly suggest it to anyone whos T is taking up any more than 20% of there life, any less than that I would say get a Mozart CD and sit and meditate to it for 30 minutes a day and see how that works. Good luck everyone I know how hard this journey is and how debilitating it can be to some myself included.

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