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      I have been dealing with tinnitus for 10 years now I have Epilepsy and have had 2 brain surgerys the first in 2005 the following spring I started noticing the ringing thesurgery was in the previous fall I work on small engines at home and have done that type of work for close to 22 years working on 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines the brain surgerys were to try and well I don't think cure is the right word but that's what I was hopeing to cure or stope the siezures I have been having since I was 2 years old the second surgery helped the most after about a year the siezures slowed but how do I deal with this buzzing ringing and roaring noises in my ear
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      Hi Duke, go through other posts, there's lots of good advice about how to deal with t.

      Take care.
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      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk, Duke! I'm sorry to hear about the tinnitus beginning after your two surgeries for epilepsy.

      As you know, right now there is no actual cure for tinnitus, aside from TRT therapy or habituation. However, there are a lot of hopeful signs on the horizon that may lead to a breakthrough in tinnitus treatment. In the meantime, here are some suggestions:

      1) Sound apps/nature sounds: You might try various types of sounds to see what would work best for you, but a number of us respond well to nature sounds, like running water, as background noise. For me, those sounds work best as background in a quiet room, and somewhat helps to mask the tinnitus.

      2) Hearing aids: Some people have found at least partial relief from their tinnitus with hearing aids. You could try going to an audiologist to see what is out there, and what might work for you. Most audiologists will give you a 30-day free trial of the hearing aids so you can see for yourself if they work. There are hearing aid/masker combos, or just maskers if you don't need hearing enhancement.

      3) Supplements: Many of us have tried different supplements to see if any of them work. Here are some that you can try, to see if they help calm your tinnitus: Vitamin B-12 or Vitamin B complex, magnesium, niacin, gingko biloba, melatonin, vinpocetine. Others on here might suggest addition supplements. You could experiment and see if any of them work for you.

      4) Sleep: Are you able to get enough sleep with the tinnitus? Many of us with tinnitus have sleep problems, and the lack of sleep seems to make tinnitus worse. You could go to your doctor, and ask for a prescription sleep aid, or try melatonin.

      Others here may have additional suggestions, but these are at least a start. I wish you a quiet evening, and a happy new year!!

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