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Discussion in 'Support' started by dan, May 13, 2012.

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      Loud noise
      Hello here. 33yrs old. I've had noise induced T since July,2011. I had 2 noise exposures within a span of a month-a fire alarm and fireworks display.
      Woke up with T following fireworks.
      My T is very loud I can hear it clearly outdoors. Ringing, tonal 7khz and hissing.
      I am still very depressed and feeling suicidal at times, my sleep is only 50% improved (from no sleep) and I feel like I can't enjoy anything anymore.
      I read folks say they have very loud T, but it does not bother them much....
      How long does it take to get to this point?

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      I'm very sorry to hear about your situation dan. I have no idea how many times you've read this from others but for the people whom have very loud T and yet it doesnt bother them is a bit of two things at work. Yes at face value the loud volume hurts very much yet at the same time you have to consider that everyone has their threshold in terms of the pain and stress they can handle. Tinnitus can get better overtime perception wise but it isnt something that just works on its own. Cultivating a strong mentality and destressing in the best ways possible are needed to get to a point where tinnitus doesnt bother them as much.

      I cant compare my tinnitus volume to your own but mine is hella freaking loud in many ways. The tone is so concentrated it sounds more like music composed of different layers of pitch rather than a simple ringing, hissing, or cricket noise isolated. In terms of myself 9-12 months is what it took. But this doesnt account for me now as the volume has gone up over time.

      Make sure you protect your ears at all times when necessary. Dont feel embarassed about wearing ear plugs in public if you have to because not doing it in the past has cost me dearly.

      I hope everything is okay for you one of these days

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