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Discussion in 'Support' started by sara, Feb 25, 2016.

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      Hello Every body,

      I just want to talk about my tinnitus and how I feel like I am back to normal. I want everyone who is struggling right now to realize that "T" might or might not get better but you will get better. You will adapt and even though "T" might be ringing ,hissing ,buzzing and whistling right now ,YOU WILL GET USED TO IT.
      I have to say your attitude towards it is the most important. You have to fight to live your life in the beginning. But a very beautiful thing happens ... Adaption and Habituation!!
      When my T started it would roar and whistle LOUDLEY!!!! I couldn't stand it . I was so depressed. I would often ask myself "WHY?? AND WHY ME???"

      It has almost been a year since my T became worse than before. I went through a lot to get here but today I can say I FEEL BETTER!
      You can as well

      Just a little feel good moment because those feel -good- moments gave me a lot of hope and I want to give back!!!!

      CHEERS!!!! :) :) :)
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      Can I ask if you had hearing loss with you T (did you get your hearing tested)? Can I ask how loud your T was/is and what allowed you to get over it (how did you attitude change to it)?
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      Yes Of course !

      I went to the ENT a couple of times and he said I have perfect hearing. Then he gave me a Mouth gaurd and said it might be becasue of my jaw . Maybe i grind my teeth at night which i havent noticed before.
      My T was always changing it would go from a 1 to 9 over a day . I would go to sleep with T from level "2" and wake up to a . There were days that I cried because of it. But i just hoped the next day it would be better. I think the fact that my anger of T turned into a fighting "T" mood. I told myself " I WONT let T control my life'. It didnt get better over night. With "T" you have to have patience. It will be annoying and most of the time you want to scream but eventually it will get better. either the noise will become less or you just habituate. BUT I think you have to keep reading success stories and stay positive. I know its hard but I have done and you can too.
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      Barking dogs/stress
      This means a lot coming from someone like you who has had intrusive tinnitus for almost 5 years. I hope by the time I hit the 3-year anniversary that my outlook will be just as positive and I can share similar good tidings. :)
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      noise et al.
      Hi Sara
      Just want to say that it was very kind of you to share this positive and inspiring news. Many of us are going through hell at the moment and sometimes cant imagine a happy ending. And so postive feedback, such as yours, is golddust. Thanks again and I hope you go from feeling better to feeling great.
      All best
      Barnacle (not my rea name!)
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