Is the Ringing Gone?

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      Dr, Ancill,

      I developed tinnitus in November 2014, and noticed it after returning from lunch one day. Ever since then, I have not had a day where it has gone away. It started as more of a constant high pitch tone, but now has settled to more of a white noise that I hear when I am in quiet spaces or when I plug my ears. I don't notice it as much when I am at work or occupied, but notice it when relaxing or in quiet spaces (as mentioned).

      There are times where it increases, such as after eating or if I have been in loud environments, but for the most part the pitch is quite constant (low/high pitched white noise).

      My question for you is if my tinnitus is gone, and whether I just perceive that it is there? I have forgotten what it should sound like when plugging my ears. It sounds like a crazy question, but should there be a sound?

      Thank you for any advice you can provide!

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      The problem is that quite a lot of people have some level of tinnitus but usually don't notice it. We call it a disorder when it is perceived all the time and is hard to distract from. Obviously then you will notice it when in quiet environments. If it is gone.....great!!
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