Just Been to the Dentist... And Didn't Use Plugs!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rhea, Aug 27, 2016.

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      Hi, hope everyone is doing well :)

      I haven't posted here for awhile, but i have just had a small victory (actually a humongous victory for me) so felt the need to post...

      After avoiding the dentist for the best part of 10 years, until an appointment last year to have a filling where I used plugs..(bad idea, occlusion effect was insanely loud), today I have been to the dentist for two fillings and didn't use plugs.....I am alive!

      Firstly, just want to say the drilling noise was not a problem at all, and coming from someone who leaves the kitchen when the kettle boils as she can't take the noise this is a bold statement.

      It was a 30 min appointment, i'd say half of that time was drilling and the rest putting the fillings in place etc

      I took NAC 600mg last night and this morning prior to the appointment and another 600mg just now when I got in.

      My left ear feels weird and full - this was the ear next to the suction device - hands down the suction produces more noise than the drilling. The suction noise really mad me worry, like having the end of a hoover pipe next to your ear roaring......

      I will however remain positive that it's simply because my ears are not used to that noise of level and that although it seemed LOUD it was likely 85db max and was only for 15 mins......I will wait and see what is to come regrading spikes in the next few days...however, for now I am pleased that the drilling freq and noise was bearable and that I actually got myself to the dentist and went through with it without running off (which crossed my mind frequently whilst in the waiting room)

      It cost me a fortune as I went to a private dentist as I had little luck wit the NHS dentists being compassionate, but it was worth it for the piece of mind that they had to be more accommodating considering I was paying for the service.

      Anyway..HURAH for overcoming this intense fear and going through with it...I will keep my fingers crossed the next few days regarding spikes and hopefully this full feeling will go by the morning - i'll give an update in the next few days as to how it's going...if all is well I a hoping this may put other fears to rest regarding have dentist work done.

      Rhea :)
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      Well done Rhea ! So glad it went well for you . I too was at the dentist recently and had some dreaded drilling done but it was ok . I even feared the numbing injection woukd set something off but it was ok too .
      My NHS dentist is excellent and he has tinnitus too so knows the score !
      Ok you enjoy your victory and have a positive weekend and onwards . Very best of luck and i wish you and all sufferers peace
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      Loud music via headphones
      What about earmuffs
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      Congrats!! your victories inspire me, trully!
      Have a great day :)
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      Noise / T worsened with antiobiotics
      Thanks for sharing. My dentist recently told me that some fillings have to be replaced, and I'm dreading all the drilling I know that will be required. I take NAC and magnesium daily, but will definitely ramp up my dosage before going. Glad to hear that you came through unscathed!

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