Medical Jargon from Hearing / Vestibular Tests

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by sakrt, May 8, 2015.

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      Dr. Nagler: As you are a retired MD who specializes in Tinnitus, I imagine you are well informed on a variety of middle/inner ear dysfunctions or/ understand results from hearing/vestibular tests, which would greatly help members on this forum. There are many medical terms or jargon that are not completely reliable on the internet as well as confusing/ambiguous to the average reader who do not have a PhD in the medical field, specifically ENT. Are you able to assist patients with this, such as providing explanation from vestibular tests outcomes? For instance, in my case, a caloric test resulted in "bilateral canal paresis in the semicircular canals"? It would be very helpful to read your input in how this affects other inner-ear structures and/or what further tests suggested for a work-up to a possible resolution to help our hearing, tinnitus etc.
      (I understand completely you're not here to diagnose anyone but guidance). Thank you
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      I am familiar with some of the basic terms in that regard - and certainly the ones that apply to tinnitus. But whenever I encounter a term with which I am not familiar, I either research it on the web or ask one of my colleagues in ENT or audiology. I have not had formal training in either area.

      Yea, tell me about it. That's one of the reasons I decided to sublet space from a large ENT practice.

      Really not. I know very little about vestibular testing.

      Can't help there at all. Sorry. If I myself underwent caloric testing, I would check with the physician who ordered the testing for a complete explanation of the results. That's part of what you are paying for!

      I'm not trying to shut you down here, my friend. But one of the things in medicine that I understand best ... is my own limitations!

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