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      I am 4 months in to Tinnitus with a bit of Hyperacusis. I found Tinnitus after a period of stress and taking prescribed anti-depressants that were ototoxic to me, part of the Prozac family.
      I would say that my T is moderate from reading other entries on this forum, and I am feeling that this is the worst thing that has affected my life, I am getting on in years and count myself lucky that this has happened in my latter years, my heart goes out to the younger people that are experiencing this awful condition and are having trouble coping.
      How am I coping, I am going down the well trodden path of alternative holistic remedies, not much hope there, Reflexology was quite nice. I am taking Mertazapine 30mg for the depression and this is giving me 9 hours sleep, that is a blessing, I supplement this with quite a high intake of alcohol in the evenings.
      I have now excepted that this condition is now permanent and I have to try to ignore it, very, very difficult, but looking at the positive entries, this is possible, it seems that it will take time and I live on a day to day basis.
      To take my mind off of this T, I am trying to make more people aware of this condition, contact your MP asking for more funding for research of this condition, contact your supermarkets complaining about loud sounds in the store.
      I contacted my local council and had my Bilateral Tinnitus registered as a disabled person, this brings it to the attention of the authorities.
      Tell all your love ones to protect their hearing when doing anything that could cause them suffering from this curse.

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