My Tinnitus Temporarily Reduced by 80% a Few Days Into a Bad Cold — I Wonder Why?

Discussion in 'Support' started by carlover, May 12, 2022.

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      Hi all. I have not posted for a good while so here is the thing.

      Normally I know when I have a cold coming on as my tinnitus starts to get high a day or so before. Guess it's Eustachian tube clogging up.

      Anyway, I got hit with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago, the sore throat was like razor blades. I tested negative for COVID-19.

      I basically spent a week in bed. Around the third night as I lay there my tinnitus had eased right off by maybe 80%. I've had tinnitus since 1986.

      It was wonderful. It was lovely. It was heaven. It was so good I lay there and welled up. I had 2 nights of this, then it was back to normal. Normal being very loud. I had habituated but in 2011 an ear infection ramped it to a point where I can never habituate to it again. It is very strange, not congruent to how it usually ramps up during a cold.

      I wonder what happened?
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      Hi @carlover,

      Did you get a PCR or LFT? It kinda sounds like COVID-19 tbh, lots of people report a particularly bad sore throat, and improved tinnitus for a few days. I think the tests are getting less reliable as the virus mutates.

      Glad you at least got a break. Sorry to hear about your inability to habituate. Do hearing aids help decrease your tinnitus?

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