Partial Relief from Prayer, Fasting, Sound of Shower and Running Water

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mike.L.K., Mar 13, 2021.

    1. Mike.L.K.

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      Age 7 in 1966
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      concussions, loud music, loud equipment, contraception
      I have had tinnitus for 54 years. It started out at a very low volume and got slowly louder.

      12 years ago it became so loud that my right side of my skull felt like it was in a vice.

      I do get some relief off and on. I am a member of the Catholic Church and go every Saturday and go to healing masses when possible. I might go 14 days in a row with super loud screaming in my ears, then get 2 or 3 or more days in a row with low volume. Low enough to think. Different things, foods or drinks set it off to high volume.

      Prayer and fasting get it turned lower. If I do not eat anything for a day, it gets lower. If I go 2 or more days without eating [otherwise known as penance] it can get real low. As soon as I eat again, it goes to loud again. I have had healings of other types at mass.

      I hope to be rid of tinnitus 100% at a healing mass or even a regular mass or even at Easter mass. It and I are in God`s hands.

      I also get temporary relief with the sound of the shower and running water. Otherwise it`s the high pitch sound of "microphone feedback" 24/7. I do have hope, you can too.
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      Meniere's Disease
      @Mike.L.K., welcome to Tinnitus Talk.

      Thank you for sharing your tinnitus journey with us.

      You have found what helps you cope and that is lovely to hear over your many years with tinnitus.

      Your positivity and wisdom I'm sure will help others.

      Religion, beliefs and hope all helps and reaching out for support. Understanding and supportive medical professionals also help.

      Nice to see you posting.

      love Glynis
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      Possibly loud power tools
      Welcome to the forum Mike.

      54 years, wow, please tell us more. You surely must have learned a lot about your tinnitus through the years. Any idea what caused it? How is your hearing?

      I have to admit I haven’t been to church in years. It was definitely good for the soul. Must be many missing it with COVID-19.

      I get a sense of calm from your words. Like you will remain content regardless. Would you credit your religious beliefs with having helped you like that? It’s something I personally admire and strive for myself but it’s not easy.

      Wish you all the best Mike.

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