Piracetam Worked for Me

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Robert Dinse, Sep 9, 2016.

    1. Robert Dinse

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      Bcame noticable around 2000
      What worked for me is Piracetam. I originally started taking it for it's alleged cognitive benefits. I did not experience stellar improvements in cognitive function but what I noticed after I had been taking it for about three months is tinnitus faded away and lost high frequency hearing (8 Khz - 17 Khz) returned. After several years I stopped tinnitus returned, started again, tinnitus went away again but it took longer the second time.

      It's cheapest to buy in a powder but a pain in the butt so I buy in 800mg capsules. It takes about 4800mg / day in three even doses of 1600mg each initially then about 1600mg/day total to maintain. I also take 300mg citicholine with piracetam to prevent racetam headaches.
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    2. Oli

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      Sonor Trauma
      Where did you heard that piracetam could help your T?
    3. anniev

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      hearing loss
      Can you tell me more about the two drugs you mentioned? Also, how does the first one work on cognitive dysfunction? Just looking for help.
    4. linearb

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      I've also seen many reports over the years of piracetam causing tinnitus, so be careful...
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    5. Codaz

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      I have spoken to a Belgian ENT and he asked immediately if I got piracetam. It isn't very much known. And not a lot of ENT's prescribe it.
    6. Thereisnogod

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      Probably headphones
      Let me guess, the OP will probably never be heard of again, what a surprise.
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