Right Ear Drum Fluttering for Days Now

Discussion in 'Support' started by Telis, Oct 6, 2014.

    1. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      I have had this on and off in the past....a couple of hours here and there. Now it seems to be lasting for days at a time. It feels as though the ear is plugged as well,like I need to equalize the pressure.

      Does anyone find anything that helps besides reducing stress? I can't link it to stress, I am very stressed with tinnitus but even through relative calm moments, it just keeps fluttering around. I have noticed in the morning when I stretch, this seems to act as a trigger.

      Also...I have tried listening to soft music on headphone, this does not seem to help.

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thx
    2. jonathanvg
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      i have TTTS aswell but the fluttering in my ears is gone for 95% i only experience the muscle tighting when i drive my car and sometimes loud unexpected sounds i still have a numbess cheek and tight neck though
      how i get ride of my fluttering drum i do TRT and use promagnor 450 mg each day (magnesium) it got much better the last month i hope it continue
    3. Chelles

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      @Telis do you still get the ear spasms? I been having them for 4 months magnesium has helped a little but I want a permanent cure any tips?
    4. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      Mine was coming and going for a couple years before I figured it out. I almost thought I had it figured out at one point, I remember turning on one side or another as I laid in bed, and it would change. That led to the obvious - I was covering my ear. So I discovered that sounds, even the faint sound of the fridge running would trigger it. So I simply put cotton in my ear for a few days and it goes away, until something (usually too much sugar, of all things) brings it back. I discovered this about 10 years ago. And if it starts up tonight, I'll do the same thing, stick the cotton in. Instant relief. Works for me.
    5. Chelles

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      Mine isn't brought on by noise it's mostly brought on by a burp or yawn even if I stretch. If I put my finger in my ear I cant feel it but once I take it out it comes back.
    6. SleeplessSoul

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      Weird. Mine is made worse by burping yawning stretching too. And the finger in the ear helps quiet it but then come right back when you take the finger out.
      I tried the cotton last night. It worked better than foam earplugs but didn't get rid of it like IWLM did
    7. Chelles

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      @SleeplessSoul sounds like we have very similar ear problems do you have hearing loss? My doctor said I dont

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