Scam?: Navajo Hearing Remedy

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by My T Sucks, Feb 10, 2015.

    1. My T Sucks

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      Unbearable spikes since July 2012
      Has anyone heard of this?
    2. stacey

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      I've heard of it, I've seen it on a website that I stumbled upon, it's a book on how to restore your hearing, it says it has an old ancient remedy, I was thinking of purchasing the book, but wasn't sure if it's any good or just a scam
    3. Markku

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    4. RichL

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      Acoustic trauma
      Say no more!
    5. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      If you listen carefully to the voice and message of each one of these scam artists, you'll recognize the're the same. "Tinnitus Miracle", "Navajo restore my hearing loss", etc. Same shameless, marketing group.

      In my opinion, they should all be rounded up, given blasts of noise in their ears and learn what it is, to suffer from hearing loss and T!

      Try to come up with your own holistic remedies and diets, by trial and error.
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    6. Kimberky

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      Got mine from mortar misfire; HEY - Stacey - w/the WINGS - READ HG Wells story - 'The Wonderful Visit' --
      it may help. K.
    7. IrvineCAGuy

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      Genetic (maybe) or 10 years of my barking dog
      Indeed. I received an email today (May 2017) claiming 45,657 people already tried and succeed in reversing their hearing loss. What they failed to mention is they reversed their ability to "hear" marketing BS and starting 'hearing' the truth in advertising. You can identify these scams by statements like "you won't find this cure anywhere else." Well, if the Navajo Indians knew about this and it worked, I can assure you it would be mainstream knowledge a long time ago. "Click here to watch" means you'll listen 20 minutes of someone NOT telling you what they say you are going to learn in this video. It's a classic formula. When you see it. Click away fast before you get brainwashed. Indeed they should all be jailed for these claims and scam ripoffs.
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    8. Paul10

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      Treatments WILL become available, and when they do, they will be published and we will ALL know about it. We don't need to go searching for it; once a viable treatment is available, everyone here will be singing it from the rooftops.
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    9. Jake007

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      December 2016
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      hearing loss for long time, chainsaw, infections
      Hope you're right man
    10. OscarCaPa

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      I will search until I find the list of ingredients and try it... will share the results.
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