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      Hello...I don't mean to be harsh what I wrote...I just being honest what I'm feeling...bare with me and customer here I'm 50 years old. Born partly deaf due high fever when was a baby.

      This was before I seen my ent doctors in bay area Hercules and Pinole............ I have seen so many doctors about this and none could help me. They tell me that I should just try to "ignore" it and take medication for severe depression. This is really driving me crazy and sometimes I just want to end my life. How would you feel if you always heard a sound like a distant alarm, roaring buzzing noise every second of your waking life? I really don't see how I can continue living with this. I have seek already in UCSF....Dr told me i have to seek a psychiatric and i have been searching and tried to contact some of them...they all don't answer or return my calls. Honestly...i feel i am about to give up really!!!.
      I have seen a psychiatric at Richmond hilltop mall...he only gives me some prescription that makes me sleepy but it makes the noises worst!! He kept telling me continue using but I refused cause it was making it worse...what I'm saying is I'm not sick in my head or have mental body understand what I'm's so freaking loud a jet roaring!! I cannot sleep at all!
      It's so unbearable to deal with it everyday...24/48 non-stop!! It just gradually increases day by day...I just don't know what the fuck to do...driving me insane!! Crying and praying everyday hope some miracle comes take it away from me...just never ever heard such thing tinnitus..whatever you call's a monstrous evil deadly (noises) inside my ear or head..wherever it's coming from. I have been struggling...trying to cope with it...hell nothing isn't life is falling apart...JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!
      :( scarring the hell out of me what I might do...

      Also I tried so many vitamins and stuffs like that but just isn't working
      Wasn't sure if I could put my number here...I don't hear well.

      I'm hard of hearing...deaf left ear...partly right ear and wears hearing aid.
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      I guess you put up with it until you can't no long have you had severe tinnitus?
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      Since 2009 ... after later years it gotten worst ever!
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      You might want to look into the Swiss Clinic and HIFU, because hearing loss is a prerequisite for his treatment. You can look in the high intensity focused ultrasound thread for more details on what this is.
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      Hi Guest981276,

      Have you tried looking into TRT ? It is expensive but might help you. I have found audiologists to be more helpful than ENTs. You might want to see one who can recommend a TRT provider. You might want to continue to look for another psychiatrist too. I know the med you were taking wasn't helping but another one might. You also might feel better if you met with a counselor. If for no other reason for just support. You will definitely find support on this forum. Amazing people here. Just give them time to respond. I also find the posts under the "doctor's corner "and the "success stories" really helpful.

      Wishing you all the best.

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      Hello Danielle
      As far right now taking lorazepam to help me sleep but noises never goes gradually getting worsted
      Will ask doctor about TRT...I sure see a lot people here suffering with T...I'm glad I found this forum.
      Will look up doctor's corner and other stories what others have been through.

      Thank you Forever
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.

      I feel your pain. I have major hearing loss in my right ear and screaming high pitched T. I somehow have survived 18 months now and it's no picnic!

      Do you have a nature sound machine? I have to have mine on my bed 6" from my head to sleep. Works very well. Mine is a Hometics unit, with six different sounds. I use a cricket setting.

      Do you have Melatonin? 3mg time released from GNC, helps me fall asleep. Try 5-HTP also.

      Main thing is masking. I have to be masking all day. Either driving in my car with the stereo on, or at the beach with the waves, etc. I Was able to retire early and can arrange my day accordingly.

      I have a hearing aid/masker which helps some. Have you tried one out? You can trial these units usually for 30 days.

      I know exactly how you feel, when you say you want to end it all. I dance that dance daily. It sucks and it can drive you nuts! Try to develop safe zones, with masking noise and try the best you can to stay calm. I know it's easier said then done. Hang tough my friend!
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      Hello salboardman....

      I'm almost totally deaf...not much hearing in my right ear...deaf left ear.
      Those maskers won't help cause I won't be able hear them to block or cover noises. I have tried several melatonin...never helped...this T ...I just don't know what this thing doing to me. I am trying hard to hang hard! God I prayed and cried every night hope some miracle would take this away...

      Thanks for too take easy friend
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      not sure
      Welcome Guest981276 to TT support board. We have many members here who had gone through or still going through 'hell' with T, many also have suicide ideation at one time or another, me included. I had to deal with both ultra high pitch dog whistle T plus severe hyperacusis at the same time, and they opened the flood gate of hell of relentless anxiety and panic attacks daily (as I had suffered anxiety and panic disorders for decades prior to T & H). The sufferings were so intense body and spirit that the big 'S' word was very tempting. But I am glad I didn't off myself as I am now back to living a happy and enjoyable life again.

      How do people survive loud T, even unmaskable T due to deafness? I searched for people with this problem to see how they can survive this ordeal. Well some people with deafness are known to have unmaskable T. One lady actually was in the same area I live. Through our conversation, she had survived 12 years of unmaskable T due to partial deafness, been to ER a few times, lost her marriage with no kids to hang on, on Klonopin for this long too to cope, but she has survived her T and now moving on.

      Another lady, a young Zoe Cartwright who became totally deaf at young 15 and then developed ^%$#* loud, unmaskable T, she shows me how positivity and acceptance of her T reality has helped her lived a normal life. She even says she loves her life. She made a short tinnitus film posted on youtube and you can witness her courage and undaunted spirit. I posted her story on my success story. I also explained how I got out of T & H hell. If you have time, read up as many success stories as you can to learn some insights from those who have survived the T hell. Here is my story.
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