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      Hi all,

      I have a heavy t replase (as per intro). Most people will now or see some t sufferers have a link with nerves. Especially given the vagus nerve work which focuses on brain rewiring. What happened to stellate ganglion nerve blocks?

      I read from W1 dentists that essentially dead teeth, root canals, that leave any nerve behind ... That can and will transmit impulses to the ganglion. Wich in turn does cause tinnitus. Thus mine was from loud speakers in Fakraki. But why me? My nerves have always been on the over active side and i had teeth issues at the time 10 years back. I now have the next door wisdom tooth pulled and boom back up above traffic noise.

      On ipad but google stellate ganglion nerve block tinnitus. From three or so historical reports it didnt just fix t, it improved the hearing loss (which many believe is the fact we cant hear due to t )

      Now..... Its being used to treat PTSD. That all has similarities to t. Being nerves that go haywire and over react. WHile its not a noise like the teeth area (vibration damage from noise) its being used and works.

      Found one nhs. Nottingham web link taht also links to Tinnitus cure and it was prolonged cure post multiple injections. Thus not steroid to the cochlear but this ganglion area.....

      Im convinved now this will help me given nerves are smashed in teeth area, that along with loud noise trama, is making them go hyper esp in right side. (Where all dental work and abycess issues took place)
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      Here see dentist explaining tinnitus via dead teeth... Which you can get nerve damage drom sound vibration especially if playing instruments so more bone conduction

      Now here

      Here is one NHs link that states tinnitus as list for cure

      But have you folks heard of it? Given cant see in google except older, successful, science results. Especially where nerves are goimg haywire. Such as T. Such as PTSD. We wont feel the tooth paim as its dead but its still submitting the impulses to the ganglion....

      Shared via the Google app

      Let me know. IF ANYONE has had this done.
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      I'm interested too! A doctor that is a very good friend of mine just talked me about that today. I might try it...

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