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      Hi well i have been living with tinitis for around 10/15 yrs.Two years ago i gave in.Iwent back to the ear clnic had a new test and apart from the tinitis the hearing test showed moderate hearing loss.I was told that hearing aids may help my tinitis .So i bought the zen aid which also had buttons to put white noise and bells ...The start of using my aid was terrible as when i not had aids in the tinitis was amplified teribble. I also put on the whitenoisand bells music on the aids but my tinitis rises vere quickly above and over the noise.During the day with all day noise and aids in the tinitis is some what masked. Ounce night comes aids are out....shocking trying to sleep. And many nights you wake hard to sleep again then ,as the noise is to loud. This tinitis is so dibiliating chronic and disturbing. I feel for all that live with this crippling madness.
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      Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your struggle with the spiking T. Have you tried using masking at bed time using a sound machine or sound pillow when your hearing aids are out? I have hearing loss int he high frequency but hearing aids I tried didn't help my T. I ended up using an ipod loaded with all sorts of high frequency nature sounds, such as heavy rain, waves, waterfalls, even shower and faucet sounds. This way I either used my ipod for masking on the go, or use its ear buds for bed time masking (set at low volume) so that my wife didn't have to bear with the sounds.
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      Meniere's Disease
      I find taking my hearing aids out about an hour before I go bed help my ears adjust.
      Always set your hearing aids first thing in the morning and then don't alter them all day even if your around other sounds.
      You will notice you go long periods with out hearing your tinnitus and thats when you know they are helping.
      Like @billie48 says, try sound therapy at night and set it below your tinnitus and keep it going all night.
      Sound enrichment works its magic through the night as your brain works hard to push through your tinnitus sound to hear the lower sound you have chosen and this learns your brain to push your tinnitus sound to the background and learn your brain to filter out your tinnitus sound and not see it as a threat.
      It can take a few nights to adjust to sound therapy at night and there are lots of sounds to chose from ....lots of love glynis
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