Super Sensitive (Including Ear Pain) to an Air Compressor at Work: Did It Cause My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by flaitguy, Dec 27, 2020.

    1. flaitguy

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      TMJ, neck maybe
      I have usually attributed my tinnitus to TMJ and neck since usually it flairs up while I sleep. But at work, the side affected, is super sensitive to an air compressor hose they use to blow off product in the manufacturing plant. Others don't even think about it but there is literally pain when I hear it and have to cover my ears.

      Is it likely that the air compressor has affected my hearing or sensitivity to that frequency as the source of the tinnitus? If so, is there some alternate tone cancelation in that frequency range that could treat it?
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      You have pain hyperacusis. It’s caused by cochlear damage, like tinnitus, but it’s a different condition. There is no cure but some people get better with rest. It can get much worse very easily so you need to avoid all sounds that cause pain. You will be told to expose yourself to retrain your brain, but this strategy is based on outdated research. You will hurt yourself more by doing this.
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      Shooting/loud noise
      Yeah I work at a bike shop and there’s a lot of compressed air. I have hyperacusis and tinnitus. Last month I was taking the head of the compressor off and a bunch of compressed air came out making my hearing go for a few minutes. Instant spike.

      Stay away from compressed air or wear earplugs.
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      ? Gym injury > daily headaches, Ibuprofin, BP meds, Virus?
      Just curious, I have pain hyperacusis. I have no idea though how I would have damaged my cochlea. My hearing test is in the low normal range and my tinnitus (and hyperacusis which started soon after) was not caused by a sound trauma. That is the one thing I am sure of.

      I have severe ear pain right now. I have had it for weeks. It gets worse even if the microwave beeps. Doctors aren't helping me. They just tell me that my ears look fine. I'm drowning here.

      Is cochlear damage really why my ears are so damn sore?

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